John Cooper Recycling Ltd specialise in organic "green" waste recycling and with over ten years experience means we are professional in our approach. John and Jackie Cooper have background experiences of composting and agriculture. With our contacts in the industries we began in 2007 introducing bio-diversity within the farming sector, providing "on-farm" composting operations, taking in green organic wastes and processing them through a PAS100:QC protocol, enabling us to produce compost of the highest standard.

In 2010 one of the sites was purchased and is now our processing site - "Farington Moss Recycling Centre" (FMRC). In late 2010 JCR Ltd gained its Bespoke Environmental Permit, allowing the increase of tonnage up to 25000 tonnes per year.

JCR Ltd manages its environmental responsibilities to the highest levels and throughout 2016 we are working towards our ISO14001 accreditation.

To compliment our recycling centre, JCR Ltd offers tree/land clearance operations, see our page and gallery following.